User Interface Design


Visual design is an integral part of any web application development project and serves as the vision to increase usability and provide value to the application making its usage enjoyable.  All the layouts, forms and design elements produced are tailored to easy HTML slicing, thus avoiding expensive efforts for implementing visuals to the application engine.content area.

  • "Don't Make Me Think" - Effective User Interface Design increases customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Users can easily identify the function and take a correct action spending minimum time to accomplish a task.
  • "It's Your Data - How Do You Want to Use It" - in addition to careful software architecture design which is vital to performance, our team designs and tunes the application interface for quick response by implementing technology and optimizing the database design.
  • Consistency and Predictability — We design and develop with the end-result in mind... users anticipate that the application will behave consistently when performaing tasks. We ensure that the similar looking functionality produces similar results throughout the entire application.

We utilize a phased and highly transparent approach in achieving better usability results and increasing application productivity.

  • User Interface design paying close attention to the understanding and analysis of use cases and business scenarios, highlighting target user groups and identification of critical success factors.
  • Depending on the business goals, functional scope and complexity level of the project we may deliver a number of prototypes: Static Mockups, Clickable Wireframes or Fully Designed Prototype.
  • Test-Test-Test: The team executes business scenarios and use cases to detect interface issues or data inconsistencies that do not deliver anticipated results. We utilize several testing methodologies and options in order to minimize possible issues at the earliest project stages, enable quick response to changes.

We work with the client and testing team to walk thru the process and identify any issues.