Business Continuity... Facilities....

Catalog & Commerce Solutions, LLC maintains a comprehensive, thoughtful process to ensure business continuity and ultimate reliability.


Our dedicated Technology Team is responsible for Hardware Infrastructure Engineering and Software Product Release Management. They keep clients informed about all significant events concerning product management and ensure on going service and support exceeds expectations – we worry so you don’t have to!

Computing Facilities

We partner with a leader amongst global Web hosting providers, which gives us an unequaled advantage over other web application service providers.  Our Data Centers have been built from the ground up using the most advanced technology available, giving our global network the strength to withstand all conditions.  The power and stability of our systems allows us to market web products that are innovative and dependable. We continue support of a clean environment by using eco-friendly equipment and hardware in our data centers. One of our US data centers, located in Kansas, has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Green Power Partner.


Combining over highly efficient web servers with the renowned performance of Foundry and Cisco routers in our data centers, we utilize the best products from the world’s leading technology manufacturers and service providers to provide customers with 99.9% uptime. The infrastructure supporting technology is a system of state-of-the-art hardware and efficient software run in highly secure data centers across the US and Europe. Our Kansas data center, for example, is strategically located to ensure maximum uptime for customers due to equal latency for both coasts.  Strong relationships with paramount companies, including Parallels and Symantec, bring our customers the latest in virtual and security software.

Customers Data Protection

We understand that security of our clients’ data is the No. 1 priority for our business. Sensitive data is exchanged via SFTP server, and PGP is used for email encryption, providing compliance with ISO standards for information security. We also strictly follow all governmental rules and regulations for emergency issues.

Additional Сapacities

For development purposes we use virtualization technology, which enables us to build a separate operational environment for each project and thus increase resource allocation flexibility and effectiveness.