Design and Branding

Im·pres·sion – noun:  a telling image impressed on the senses or the mind.

Design and establishing a brand impression is important for retailers, manufacturers, non-profits  – established brands are resilient – brands can also get tired and expire.
• Customers seek meaning in their choices – a brand can speak volumes about the person or organization.
• Consumers seek a connection – a brand adds relevancy to their choice.
• Competition is around the corner – separate yourself from the pack.
Whether a new guy on the block and establishing a ‘first impression’ – or reinventing or rejuvenating a brand – it is important to make a meaningful impression on your audience.

A brand is often the most important asset of a corporation and often is the first and ever-lasting impression on the audience.

Our team can …

  • Establish a ‘look’
  • Refresh or spruce-up a ‘tired look’
  • Create a ‘complimentary look’  

Whether a logo, variation of a logo, primary brand, secondary brand or a collateral sales piece – we develop a look that leads or compliments your brand impression.